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At White Stone Recovery Center, we understand the complexity of treating eating disorders and co-occurring conditions. We treat the whole person from a physical, psychological, social, and spiritual perspective, knowing effective treatment in each of these areas is crucial to recovery. We use powerful and proven therapeutic modalities that not only help alleviate symptoms, but get to the core issues that drive these conditions, offering the possibility of true recovery and freedom. Our caring, professional staff is here to help you reach your goals through their expertise and many years of experience.

For New Admissions Call Us at 877-630-2970  

For Current Clients, Call Us at 877-203-1894

“The biggest thing that I gained…is going back to figuring out who I was, and go back to figuring out who I want to be.”

~ Emilia, White Stone Patient

“Allow yourself the permission to seek help…to seek a sustaining, long-term recovery, you really do need that team approach.”

~ Mackenzie, White Stone Patient